Business Incubation Center


Business Incubation Center of Feng Chia University
Definition of Core Areas: Advanced Science and Technology Industries
 Major Incubation Target:
 In order to fulfill the development of the Central Taiwan Science Park, where stands with geographical and technological advantages for Feng Chia University(FCU), Business Incubation Center will focus on nanotechnology application industry and current on-going industries in to boost the competitiveness of the industry.
 Contents of Incubation:
 Advanced material industry.
 Information & telecommunication industry.
 Precision machining and aeronautical industry.
 Service industry: Cultural creative industry, new creative commerce, design industry.
 Development Objectives:
Working together with the Office of Technology Licensing, BIC integrates knowledge and resources, and operate under a “Business incubation and Technology licensing” (BiNTeL) model at FCU, ranging from professional expertise, research centers, laboratories, to various professional electronic databases, in order to provide an all-in-one development environment for SMEs. Our mission is to provide tight-bonded and high-calibrated cooperation between academies and industries.

 Established in April, 2001. A+ Incubator awarded by MOEASMEA in 2005. Total 36 client

    companies were incubated.

 Successfully assisted client companies to obtain 8 SBIR projects, 8 NSC (UITEHR)

    programs, 46 new patents, and 15 technology transfers.

 Total increased investment from the client companies is up to NT$ 10.73 billions.

 Clients endowment is around 2.5M NTD.


Contact: Director : Alex Tsai
Tel: +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 6821
Fax: +886-4-2452-2670

Address: 100 Wenhwa Rd, Seatwen, Taichung City 40724, Taiwan